International Netizens Encourage “Single’s Inferno” Star Song Ji A, Inviting Her To Move To The US

They’re offering to help her.

Influencer Song Ji A (also known as Free Zia) was a fan-favorite on Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno. So, it came as a great shock to many when she ended up in controversy shortly after the series’ finale.

Song Ji A on “Single’s Inferno.”

Over a week ago, speculation began that many of the luxury brands she flaunted were not actually authentic but rather imitations. Most recently, Song Ji A admitted to the allegations and made all her YouTube videos and Instagram posts private, except her apology posts.

Still from now-private video of Ji A  | @free지아/YouTube

Many netizens, fan or not, feel like it’s all gone too far now. They feel that the consequences Song Ji A is facing are too extreme for the actions.

While lots of netizens are disappointed, many are speaking out in support of Ji A. Some have even shared that they feel more than ever encouraged to be themselves and take pride in wearing their knock-offs. While many of us can’t afford designer or luxury items, we can still rock what we do have.

Screenshot on January 27, 2022. | @nextshark/Instagram

TikToker megan (@milktea.meg) recently went viral with a video, saying that she doesn’t “feel bad owning $55 Chloe boots” any more. As of January 27, it has 3.3 million views and 840.8K likes.

When Jia gets canceled and suddenly you don’t feel bad owning $55 Chloe boots

— @milktea.meg/TikTok


#jia #singlesinferno u and me both girl

♬ som original – loucurabangtan

The support for Ji A doesn’t end there, though. Many fans have attempted to brainstorm solutions in ways that they could let help Song Ji A during this difficult period. So, some suggested that she could move to the United States since many influencers in America wear whatever they want and are very successful.

Screenshot on January 27, 2022. | @kenternews/TikTok
Screenshot on January 27, 2022. | @kenternews/TikTok

Additionally, Drag Queen Kim Chi commented on NextShark‘s Instagram post about Song Ji A, sharing the same sentiment. Thousands of netizens agreed that she could make it in the USA.

Screenshot on January 27, 2022. | @nextshark/Instagram
Source: Yahoo, @nextshark and @kenternews

Song Ji A's Knock-Off Scandal

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