Song Ji A vs Netizens — Which Users Are Writing Hate Comments? 

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Song Ji A was a fan favorite on Single’s Inferno, but now the beauty blogger is receiving ongoing criticism online.

Song Ji A on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

Shortly after Single’s Inferno ended, netizens accused Ji A of wearing and promoting fake designer clothing on social media. After the initial backlash, Ji A posted a handwritten apology letter on Instagram. She has also uploaded an apology video on YouTube, promising to reflect on her actions.

Public opinion has been divided since Ji A’s controversy began. While many netizens do not take issue with Ji A wearing knock-offs, others feel that, as a social media star, Ji A is promoting a fake lifestyle that she herself might not be able to afford.

On popular Korean sites such as THEQOONate Pann, and Naver, the comment sections for Ji A articles are being flooded with criticism. Some fans, however, have noticed a difference between the comments’ severity and subject matter, depending on the site.

@dear.zia/ Instagram

NamuWiki identifies THEQOO and Nate Pann as “Female-Driven Community Websites,” though THEQOO strives to be anonymous, regarding users’ ages and genders. On average, THEQOO and Nate Pann users also tend to be younger (20s-30s. The top comments on THEQOO for Ji A’s apology video are more forgiving than the top comments on Naver’s article.

  • Seriously people are swearing at her like they swear at DUI, gamblers and scammers? There were nothing but Freezia posts on the trending for daysㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys need to stop
  • Of course, she’s in the wrong for using fakes and it’s not something that is resolved yet, but I really think the media should take another position in this… It looks like people are determined to k*ll someone here
  • She’s already acknowledged wearing fakes and apologized, at this point it’s just inferiority complex and bullying

On Naver’s article about Ji A’s apology video, the top comments criticized Ji A’s allegedly “pro-China” sentiments and her “golden spoon” background. Ji A has worked as a fashion model for shopping sites, including some in Hangzhou, China.

Song Ji A modeling in Guam for Shebeach Korea in 2019. | @dear.zia/Instagram
  • Whether she wore fakes or authentics, whether she cosplayed as from a golden spoon or dirt spoon, these were all things I never cared to know about. However, the stuff about her pro-Chinese acts does disgust me. All actions require responsibility and she deserves the hate she’s getting for her Chinese videos.
  • I bet you she’ll be back in within six months
  • She loves China so much, she can go to China and eat lots of Chinese food and take a nice long break.
  • Already over her after finding out about her pro-China videos…
  • I don’t think she deleted everything, possibly just privated them?? I’m sure she’ll be back in a few months once things quiet down. Either way… it’s her channel, her SNS in the end… I’m sure she’ll figure her life out!!! Since she’s a golden spoon and all..

According to Naver’s demographics, most users who commented on the article are males in their 40s.

| Naver & Koreaboo

This does not necessarily mean males in their 40s are responsible for the hate Ji A is receiving in the comments, but these users do make up over 40% of the total commenters for the articles.

| Naver & Koreaboo

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Source: Pann Choa, Naver and Netizen Buzz

Song Ji A's Knock-Off Scandal

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