Alleged Truth About “Single’s Inferno” Ji A’s ₩3.00 Billion KRW Apartment Creates Additional Controversy

According to the rumors, her luxury apartment isn’t actually hers.

The stars of Single’s Inferno are continuing to receive unprecedented love all over the world following their appearances on the hit Netflix dating-reality series. Ever since the premiere, each of the cast members has been making headlines. Netizens comb through every detail of their lives to get a better understanding of their favorite contestant.

Poster for “Single’s Inferno.”

Out of the dozen Single’s Inferno members, beauty YouTuber and content creator Ji A began to receive major spotlight due to her idol-like visuals and her “golden spoon” persona. However, in the midst of all of her positive attention came a sudden wave of negative attention.

Still of beauty YouTuber Ji A on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

The Single’s Inferno breakout star recently came under fire for wearing knock-off designer clothes on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and even on the Netflix dating series—which has caused severe backlash. Following the controversy, Ji A quickly posted a handwritten apology admitting to the allegations while apologizing for her mistakes.

As the controversy continues to take over headlines, new rumors have started to circulate as Korean netizens may have uncovered updates regarding Ji A and her falsified persona. But this time, it’s about her home.

Still of Ji A wearing a knock-off Christian Dior top on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

According to a report by WikiTree, new allegations have started to surface regarding Ji A’s home that has been shown on her YouTube channel numerous times.

Still of Ji A’s Trimage apartment in now deleted video | @free지아/YouTube

The apartment is located at the famous Forest Trimage apartments in Seoul, South Korea. If this sounds familiar, it’s because these luxury apartments are known for their impressive list of celebrity tenants—including BTS‘s J-HopeGirls’ Generation‘s SunnyJYJ‘s Jae Joong, and more.

In addition to the star-studded tenant list, the price of these luxurious apartments has also made headlines time and time again, as each unit goes for millions of dollars (USD).

Trimage Apartments in Seoul.

As Ji A neighbors with many of the nation’s biggest stars, an alleged finding of her residence at the Trimage apartments began to make headlines following her knock-off controversy. In light of her ongoing situation, WikiTree’s newly released report alleged that the Single’s Inferno star has also been lying about her residence.

According to the reports, it’s been rumored that Ji A doesn’t actually own her Trimage apartment unit as she alluded to before nor does she pay for it at all. WikiTree revealed that it was actually her agency Hyowon Agency that pays for it—and they’re paying for it as wolse (monthly rent).

Still from 주간이상준 of Ji A’s Trimage home | YouTube

Many Korean citizens pay for their homes on a month-to-month basis, so this wouldn’t have been an issue in other circumstances. In Ji A’s specific situation, however, this is proving to be problematic. Wolse, or the monthly rent system, is oftentimes used by the average Korean citizen. It’s a more financially-friendly method of paying for a home but is oftentimes associated with the lower and middle class.

Jeonse, or the deposit system, is typically associated with the wealthier upper-class population in the nation. This is because rather than pay a monthly rent, jeonse renters will pay a lump sum deposit up front that ranges anywhere from 50-80% of the market value of the property at the time of their lease. At the end of their term, the money is returned fully without any additional interest.

Because Ji A’s entire young and rich persona was recently revealed to be false, however, her previous allusions to her owning the luxurious Trimage apartment has proven to be an additional issue—especially since it’s been allegedly revealed that her agency is paying for her place as a monthly rental unit.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

While netizens previously expressed their envy upon seeing Ji A’s home in 주간이상준 (Weekly Lee Sang Jun) video, the video has now become terrorized with malicious comments that have been calling out the beauty content creator.

Malicious comments under 주간이상준’s Ji A video | YouTube
  • “So does that mean even this home was given to her by her agency?!”
  • “It looks like her agency is really supporting her hahaha….”
  • “This is paid for monthly by her Chinese label haha.”
  • “So even this was paid monthly by her agency.”
  • “This home is paid for by Ji A’s Chinese agency. With Chinese assets. After her controversy, Ji A’s home video has been put on private and the video is gone.”
  • “Your agency pays for it monthly, so what do you mean it’s ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.52 million USD)?”
  • “All of her clothes are knock-offs and her place is paid monthly by her label. Please take this video down.”
Still from Ji A’s now deleted house tour video | @free지아/YouTube

Ji A nor her agency has commented on the new circulating rumors. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Single’s Inferno star’s full designer knock-off allegations down below:

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Song Ji A Under Fire For Allegedly Wearing Fake Designer Clothes

Source: WikiTree

Song Ji A's Knock-Off Scandal

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