CEO Of Song Ji A’s Agency, Kang Ye Won, Deletes Photos Of Song Ji A

She removed posts featuring the “Single’s Inferno” star.

Actress Kang Ye Won, the co-ceo of Hyowon CNC, has reportedly wiped all traces of Song Ji A from her Instagram account.

Kang Ye Won | Hyowon CNC

Song Ji A, a beauty blogger managed by Hyowon CNC, starred on Netflix‘s dating reality show Single’s Inferno. She recently came under fire for wearing and promoting knock-offs of luxury brands on Singles’s Inferno, Instagram, and YouTube. Song Ji A has since responded with a handwritten apology and an apology video.

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/Instagram

Kang Ye Won guested with Song Ji A on MBC‘s Point of Omniscient Interfere and JTBC‘s Knowing Bros. Due to the ongoing controversy, both TV networks have decided to edit Song Ji A out of the show.

Song Ji A and Kang Ye Won on “Knowing Bros.”

Prior to the controversy, posts of Kang Ye Won with Song Ji A could be found on Kang Ye Won’s personal Instagram account, @kangyewon0315.

| @kangyewon0315/Instagram 

Now, Kang Ye Won has reportedly deleted all posts with Song Ji A and privated her account. Some netizens suspect Kang Ye Won is cutting ties with Song Ji A, but Kang Ye Won has not yet commented on the matter.

| @kangyewon0315/Instagram 

Kang Ye Won and Song Ji A can be seen here together, in the preview of episode 316 of Knowing Bros. 

Source: KoreaJoongAnDaily

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