“Knowing Bros” And “Omniscient Interfering View” To Edit Song Ji A Out — Here’s The Full Story Of Her Rise And Fall

Here’s how she got her start in 2017.

Beauty creator, influencer and Netflix star Song Ji A has been the talk of the town recently. Over the last few months, she was the name hot on everyone’s lips. From television shows to commercials, it seemed like she was featured everywhere. However, just as quick as it rose, her star soon fell. With her recent controversy around wearing fake designer goods, she fell out of public favor.

She had already filmed episodes for variety shows, Knowing Bros and Omniscient Interfering View, following her surge in popularity after Single’s Inferno took off. While both broadcasters initially decided to let things proceed as planned after her controversy initially broke out, they now announced their planned revision in new statements. Knowing Bros features a cast ensemble, and they concluded that they will be editing the episode to minimize her impact.

It is difficult to completely edit [Song Ji A] out of the episode due to her conversation and flow with the other cast members. We plan to air the episode after editing her parts out.

— Knowing Bros

On the other hand, Omniscient Interfering View decided to edit her out of the show completely. They will replace her segment with another guest cast member.

After discussing with Song Ji A, we have decided to not air her broadcast. This upcoming episode on the 29th will air regularly with a different cast. We will do our best to show a better and more improved side to Omniscient Interfering View for our supportive viewers.

— Omniscient Interfering View

The preview for her episode of Knowing Bros can be viewed below.

Curious to know about Song Ji A’s rise and fall? Read on below.

1. Initial roots

Song Ji A initially began to gain traction on social media after she began activities as a shopping mall model. She started off modelling for various brands and often showed off her jet-setting lifestyle on Instagram. She posed for pictures in hotels and on overseas trips that were sponsored by the brands.

She began modelling as early as 2017, for a brand called DABAGIRL.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

As her experience stacked up, she branched out and started modelling for swimwear too.

Song Ji A in Guam for Shebeach Korea in 2019. | @dear.zia/Instagram

Her body was perfect even from then.

2. Making waves in China

Not only did she model for Korean shopping sites, she was also a fashion and beauty model in China. She often worked in Hangzhou, modelling for online brands.

3. Beauty model

She soon became the spokesmodel for the teen cosmetics brand, SIXTEEN Brand in South Korea.

4. Hobnobbing with the famous

She was selected as a model for a casualwear brand and travelled to Los Angeles with model and actress, Stefanie Michova.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

5. Setting up YouTube

In September 2019, she created her YouTube channel and uploaded her very first video. It answered the question many of her followers had been curious about — secrets to her bangin’ bod.

6. Television appearances

As her popularity as a YouTuber grew, she began to be cast for various shows. She appeared on Video Star

…as well as was selected as an MC for Follow Me.

It seemed like 2021 was truly her year to shine!

7. Netflix fame

She finally hit her peak with Netflix’s Single’s Inferno. She won the hearts of many with her chic, sassy demeanour and fabulous fashion.

| Netflix

She gained many followers and subscribers overnight and within the span of the show, she grew her channel from around 600,000 subscribers to close to 2 million as of current count.

8. Her fall

Unfortunately, her image took a huge hit when she was exposed for wearing multiple imitation luxury items. The public began to perceive her as having faked her “rich girl persona” for the sake of fame.

You can read more about Song Ji A’s controversy below.

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Song Ji A Under Fire For Allegedly Wearing Fake Designer Clothes

Source: DongA and Hankook Ilbo

Song Ji A's Knock-Off Scandal

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