International Netizens Are Simping For Korean Soccer Players, But K-Netizens Are Falling For Totally Different Men

There’s a man for everyone at The 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup!

International netizens are simping for the South Korean soccer (also known as football) players, but Korean netizens have fallen for entirely different men.

Since The 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup started, everyone has been tuning in, including non-soccer fans, as several players have caught people’s attention with their visuals. Many of these hot athletes are from the South Korean team. Not only Son Heung Min (#7) but his teammates Jeong Seung Won (#10) and Cho Yu Min (#20) have our eyes glued to the games. 


player 9 🤭 | delete this later

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show


nah cause he really fine #worldcup2022 #jeongseungwon #foryoupage #viral

♬ original sound – Johfamsdaycare 💕


it’s the Cho’s #조규성 #조유민 #kleague #soccer #worldcup #choguesung #korea #fifaworldcup2022 #qatar


South Korean Forward Cho Gue Sung, or “Player 9” on social media especially, has been stealing the hearts of everyone too. He could totally pass for a K-Pop idol!


Number9!!! #number9 #korean #footballplayer #so #hot #choguesung #southkorea🇰🇷 #qatar #qatarworldcup

♬ suara asli – dimas – 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙯𝙯𝙮.🎧


player 9 🤭 | delete this later

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

While these men have all the international netizens talking, Korean netizens have their eyes set on two men from different countries, and they aren’t even current soccer players…

Ever since the Uruguay vs. South Korea game on November 24, 2022, Korean women haven’t been able to get over Diego Alonso. He is the Uruguayan professional soccer head coach and the manager of the Uruguay national team. He is also a former player, having been a striker.

So, if you search Uruguay (in Hangul) on Twitter, you’ll find one thirst tweet after another…

Like seriously, some are really thirsty. The women of South Korea are down bad for this 47-year-old man.

Some have even started doing fan art for him!

It’s definitely safe to say his Instagram following has increased a lot, thanks to Korean netizens.

He is not the only foreign man that has Korean women paying extra close attention to the soccer games. 54-year-old French professional soccer coach and former player Hervé Renard, who is the manager of the Saudi Arabia national team, also has some K-netizens falling in love with the sport.

One thing is for sure whatever your style, there is a man for you at The 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup!

Check out the Korean players below.

The Hottest South Korean Soccer Players Who Have K-Pop Fans Simping

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