Interview with Actress A who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Actor B

Sports Chosun‘s had an exclusive interview with Actress A who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Actor B during the filming of a movie.

Actress A, who was involved in the ‘actress sexual assault scandal’, met with Sports Chosun media for an exclusive interview, explaining the situation and her current whereabouts.

The alleged sexual assault occurred during the shooting of a movie scene where a drunk husband beats his wife upon returning home. Actor B did not follow the script and ripped the buttons on her top and and allegedly touched her and even tried to touch her lower area. Because both the actor knew the camera was focusing on their faces, the actor behaved inappropriately by allegedly sexually assaulting her in places the camera could not capture. Since the scene took place in a small hall, only the camera operator and the assistant was present besides the two actors. The director himself and rest of the staff were watching the scene through a screen at the living room.

As of now, Actress A has filed a lawsuit against Actor B in which the case will be turned over to the prosecution for alleged bodily harm.

Actor B has since admitted doing things outside the script but claimed it was just an ad-lib and improvisation to add more reality to the situation.

Although the memory of the situation was traumatizing to the actress, she decided be a participant in the exclusive interview. Throughout the interview, she cried and confessed that “I really did get sexually assaulted. I am really the victim here but the actor has turned it against me as if I’m an actress who can’t tell the difference between a ad-lib and sexual assault. I decided that I needed to take a stand for my own.”

Here are the direct translations of the exclusive interview of actress A with Sports Chosun:

First of all, was it not an ad-lib or improvisation by the actor?

“Actor B’s acting was absolutely not a normal ad-lib or improv. It doesn’t make sense for someone who has to act as an murderer to be good at real killing. I am doing this job as an actress because I love this job and have been doing it for the last ten years. With my experience and pride at mind, I don’t just go through this trouble for nothing. I’m not a person who can’t tell the difference between an ad-lib that helps the acting and sexual assault. I’m not claiming sexual assault because of couple buttons on my shirt being ripped. I don’t even know where the stories of buttons being ripped off originated from. I was just wearing a white t-shirt without any buttons on them.”

I heard the situation occurred when all of the staff was present. Is that true?

“All of the articles that were posted before were untrue in terms of detail. It made it sound like all of the staff and the director was present at the scene but that isn’t true. It took place in the hallway between the living room and the front door of the house. Due to the circumstances, only the camera operator and the assistant were present with me and Actor B. And even the camera operator and the assistant were watching through the camera lens so they couldn’t see what happened besides what they were shooting through the camera. It is untrue how people thought it would be difficult for sexual assault to happen when everyone was there. But as of now, Actor B is only admitting to things that were caught by the camera and denying everything else that happened.”

Please explain the situation in detail.

“Before the scene took place, the director talked with both me and Actor B. Since the scene only focused on the face and above the waste, we decided to just pretend everything. We went into the scene deciding to only pull the shirt enough to show the bruise make up on my shoulder. But after the camera was rolling, the situation changed. Actor B ripped my t-shirt and even ripped my bra. And due to over aggression, he even left marks and bruises on my body. (Actress A showed tears while having to think of the situation again.) Actor B touched all over my body and even tried to force my pants off as well.”

It seems like what you explained is far from what was originally reported.

“Yes it’s really different. First of all there were no buttons that were ripped but my whole t-shirt was ripped. And after ripping my bra, he kept touching all over my body. And when he tried to force my pants off, he kept trying to touch down there as well.”

Was the shooting originally planned not to show any skin?

“Yes. From the beginning, the film was planned to be rated PG-13 and before I agreed to be part of the movie, we already have decided with the director not to show any skin.”

People could ask why you did not try to come out of the situation yourself at the time

“Before the director shouted ‘cut,’ I was trying to break off him. And since only the director has the authority to yell ‘cut,’ its really hard for an actor to stop the scene. Due to the circumstances, I was trying to get out of the angle of the shot best as possible in order for the director to call ‘cut,’ but actor B was choking me and pulling me back to do other assaults that were not originally in the script. And because he ripped my outfit and my bra, reshoot was not possible.”

“I had so many thoughts in my head at the time. I trusted the director and because of my own acting professionalism, I couldn’t stop the scene myself. But I couldn’t hear him shout ‘cut.’ And the director himself was saying ‘I couldn’t tell sexual assault occurred through the screen’ but it was reported that he was stating ‘there were no sexual assaults.’ Even he was frustrated that it was reported that way.”

Did you retaliate after the “cut?”

“Even after the scene was over, I couldn’t get over the shock and shame I was put into. As a woman and a human being, the shock and humiliation was so great that I went straight to Actor B to complain. But he didn’t even give a sincere apology. If he apologized at the scene, this situation wouldn’t have gotten this big. But instead of apologizing he said ‘I got too into the acting, it helped you act as well right? Lets go film the next scene’ and tried to shut me up at the scene.”

“After a couple days, Actor B sent me through a text message saying ‘I admit my fault and will depart from the movie.’ But another day he came during a staff dinner to fight with the producers stating ‘why would I have to depart.’ And after trying to just calm down, I couldn’t help it but to file a report to the police in early May.”

I think you might have had devastating aftereffects?

“It was difficult that I had to keep my mouth shut and keep the devastating memory to myself for so long since I am a human and a woman before I am an actress. I thought time would help me get better but because the pain of the memory is getting sharper, I am suffering from migraines and insomnia. But I tried my best not to give any negative effects to the film. And even people around me told me ‘it’s only going to be hard on you. He can just say he acted and make you look stupid’ and tried to stop me from taking this road. But I was more worried that I’ll be labeled as an actress who can’t even understand an ad-lib or improv in the movie industry.”

The actor Kim Bo Sung was placed in rumors going around these days.

“No, it isn’t actor Kim Bo Sung and he was sadly negatively effected due to the rumors. The person is Actor B and it isn’t Kim Bo Sung. Actor B has since departed the film and has been replaced by a different actor.”

[ +2,775 / -53] Then. Just release who the male actor is and give his side as well so we can tell who is lying;

[ +2,432 / -50] So then who is it mother f**ker

[ +628 / -6] If everything is true what she said, then the director is suspicious as well. The actor obviously was independently doing everything and even ripping the woman’s clothes and he still manages to not call “cut” and keep rolling the camera?? And if he actor is so confident of what he did even after the situation, he could have spoke with the staff members before the scene.

Source: Sports Chosun