Introducing SM Entertainment’s New Building — Take A First Look Inside

Take a look around!

SM Entertainment will be moving their headquarters, and here’s a first look at the interior of their new building.

The first photos of SM Entertainment’s new building in Seongsu-dong by Seoul Forest have been revealed, showing a brand new interior and a modern, sleek look. SM Entertainment will be moving into a building within the Acro Seoul Forest complex, which will be their first official building move since the company’s inception in 1995.

Within the building, a design that is reminiscent of SMTOWN’s COEX Artium can be seen in the semi-outdoor plaza.

Inside, a modern interior with a slew of windows and open space allows employees to freely move around and socialize during their breaks.

There are plenty of tables and couches for employees to chat, and it also contains a back area, perfect for coffee machines and snacks.

While there haven’t been many specifics, there could also even be a space for fans to stay, similar to SM Entertainment’s Café and Market in their Cheongdam-dong building.

The building also features an in-house garden, perfect for relaxing during that extra-stressful day.

Fans may be able to see their favorite SM Entertainment idols touring and showing off the building soon!

Source: Instiz

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