I.O.I Confirms Their Comeback Has Been Delayed By 2 Months To December

It may be delayed, but there could be good news because of it.

I.O.I, who was previously confirmed to be making their comeback in October under Studio BLU, has had their comeback delayed by 2 months to December.

Their comeback was originally planned to be with 9 members, as Yeonjung and Somi would be unable to join due to their own promotions. However, it was decided that due to a variety of reasons, including the need to perfect the album, the comeback was delayed to December. This delay also includes the possibility that all 11 members could join the comeback not just 9 members.

Officials from several of the agencies of the I.O.I members confirmed that the comeback was delayed.

I.O.I’s comeback in December is confirmed. The reason is for various considerations, including the schedules of each member and the goal of improving the level of perfection in the album. The date has not yet been decided, but we are planning a return to the K-Pop industry in early or mid December.

— I.O.I member agencies

Back when I.O.I’s comeback was confirmed in October, only 9 members were confirmed to join. Yeonjung was announced to be absent due to promotions with Cosmic Girls, and Somi had to promote as a soloist under her new agency, THE BLACK LABEL. However, I.O.I and Studio BLU consistently kept in touch with Yeonjung, Somi, and their labels, and their chances of joining the group are increasing.

They are continuously talking with Yeonjung and Somi. The chances of them joining with I.O.I for their promotions is higher than before.

— Insider

Studio BLU has since confirmed that the comeback has been delayed.

We have re-adjusted the comeback timing for December due to the need to improve the album’s completion. We are currently coordinating the exact date of their comeback.

— Studio BLU

Source: Sports Seoul