OG Idols SISTAR’s Soyou, 2AM’s Jinwoon And BTOB’s Changsub Spill The Beans On What Really Happens Between Idols At ISAC

Is it really a place for idols to meet?

The ISAC is known by fans to be a breeding ground for relationships. It has long been the impression that idols who attend the recording use it to meet other idols and exchange contact numbers. Some even call it the “animal kingdom“, implying that the idols often go round-robin with dating.

On a recently episode of Soyougi, SISTAR‘s Soyou invited 2AM‘s Jinwoon and BTOB‘s Changsub to resolve the misunderstanding about ISAC. She posed the question to the two men — is ISAC really an “animal kingdom?

They were deadpan as they refuted the claim.

Rather than a place to meet new people, it was more like an awkward gathering. Apart from idols that were already friends with each other prior, it was difficult for one to get rid of their shyness.

Jinwoon took the chance to clear the air about a misunderstanding that occured during his time at ISAC. He had been captured on screen talking to SECRET‘s Jun Hyosung.

In the video, he was seen gesturing to her while mimicking the motions of holding a handphone.

Although he had been innocently asking her if the SECRET girls still had their phones taken away by their company, it became misunderstood as him asking Hyosung for her number.

The issue blew up as Hyosung was seen waving her hands in a “no“. Although she was simply telling Jinwoon that the girls were still phoneless, from a third party’s point of view, it certainly would be easy to misconstrue.

You can catch the full episode below!