Malaysian Islamic Preacher Calls BTS “Demonic” And Calls For A Ban On Their Concerts

He claims BTS is the work of the Satan.

Popular Islamic preacher in Malaysia, called PU Syed Bakri, began protesting against the potential plans of BTS coming to perform in Malaysia.


In an Instagram post, he called BTS a “demonic” group that seeks to mislead the people. He uploaded a screenshot of Russia banning BTS’s concert movies for being “gay”.

We’re an Islamic country, can we really invite these demons to come here?

Even Russia, a country of infidels, knows how to look after their people. What value do they bring except to lead people astray?

Educate the country’s next generation using religion.

— PU Syed


He also protested against the Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s plans to have BTS hold a concert in Malaysia. He deemed Malaysia needed to be “protected from [BTS] coming to Malaysia” as they’ll impact their “religious dignity, moral impact, impact on society” and more.

He urged the government to find other attractions to bring in tourists.


His posts quickly received backlash from BTS fans and the Muslim community as well. ARMY pointed out how BTS is sensitive towards all religious and cultural differences, while Muslim community members claimed PU Syed should not have used such harsh words to protest BTS.


Despite the backlash, PU Syed continued to oppose BTS on multiple posts, claiming Satan has “mastered and influenced” them as “Sons of Satan.

Source: Malaymail