IST Entertainment Announces 4 Members Of Apink Leave The Company

The group will continue on.

IST Entertainment has announced Apink‘s Chorong, Bomi, Namjoo, and Hayoung have left the company.

In a statement shared on IST Entertainment’s official Twitter account, they shared that the four members of Apink have decided to leave the company but that Apink will continue on as usual.

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

Thank you to all of the fans who cherish and support Apink.

We would like to inform you of our official position regarding Apink’s future activities.

After careful consideration and discussion with the members ahead of the expiration of the Apink members’ exclusive contracts, Chorong, Bomi, Namjoo, and Hayoung concluded their beautiful 12-year journey with us at in late April.

Eunji has recently renewed her contract and will continue her relationship with us. She plans to greet you with her next work as soon as possible as well as continuing her singing career. We will continue to support her so she can stand out in various fields.

Regardless of whether they are signed with us or not, Apink has promised to continue their team activities without disbanding. All of the members have a strong will and desire for their group activities. We will consult with the members and cooperate so that we can all protect the group.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the Apink members who have worked together for 12 years to establish themselves as one of K-Pop’s representative girl groups. We ask for your continued support and love for Apink, who are preparing for their new start.

Thank you.

— IST Entertainment

Apink debuted in 2011 and has released numerous hit songs, from “Nonono” and “Mr. Chu” to “Luv” and “I’m So Sick.” Naeun officially left the group in April 2022.

Source: IST Entertainment