The ISU Rejects South Korea And Hungary’s Protest Regarding Men’s Short Track Results

They announced that they would support the judges’ decision.

The International Skating Union (ISU) has officially announced that it cannot accept the objections from the South Korean and Hungarian athletes regarding the men’s short track judging at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Although the ISU received protests from both South Korea and Hungary over the men’s 1000m short track event, they supported the final decision of the referee and video judge. 

The protest from the Korean team was related to Hwang Dae Heon’s disqualification during the semi-final match. However, the ISU claimed that it was “an illegal late pass causing contact” with another skater. The ISU also explained that Hungarian athlete Shaolin Liu was disqualified for making contact with the opponent while changing courses and arm blocking, resulting in two yellow cards. 

Due to the rule that the ISU does not accept protests against disqualifications due the violation of competition rules, the ISU will not be accepting the appeal from both countries and expressed their support to the final decision made by the referees. On the other hand, the Olympics have been under extreme criticism from the South Korean general audience due to the alleged “cheating” and “biased judging” for the gold medal.

Source: donga

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