“Itaewon Class” Actor Kim Dong Hee Officially Denies School Bullying Rumors, Promises Legal Action

He has denied all accusations.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Actor Kim Dong Hee has officially denied the school bullying accusations levied against him and promised legal action against the perpetrator.

Actor Kim Dong Hee

Following the numerous celebrity school bullying rumors over the past few days, another set of anonymous netizens accused Kim Dong Hee of being a bully during his high school days.

All these bullying allegations have nothing against Kim Dong Hee’s…

I hate that someone who used to be a brutal bully became such a beloved celebrity. As soon as my school alumni gather more evidence, I will share it.

— Netizen “A”

These netizens claimed Kim Dong Hee used to beat and bully his classmates, as well as smoke in the classrooms.

Kim Dong Hee would wear his e-cigarette around his neck or keep it in his uniform pocket and he would sometimes smoke in the classroom. He would slap the disabled students, or call some classmates to play games that are disadvantageous to them, then slap them. He also bullied the more vulnerable students, forcing them to give him massages.

— Netizen “B”

Following the accusations, Kim Dong Hee’s agency JYP Entertainment has denied everything and promised to take legal action this time around.

We’ve seen the post related to Kim Dong Hee. Something similar was first posted back in 2018 and at the time, we confirmed no such incident mentioned in the post actually happened.

The original poster from 2018, who stated they are third-party and not the actual victim, deleted the post and so we ended up not taking any legal action.

Three years later, however, the same false information gets posted again. In response this time around, we plan on pursuing legal action against the poster. We will do our best to protect our actors from being affected by these false accusations.

— JYP Entertainment

Kim Dong Hee made his acting debut in 2018 through the web-drama A-TEEN, and has since starred in numerous hit K-Dramas, including SKY Castle, Itaewon Class, and Extracurricular.

Source: Sports Chosun