ITZY Admits Their “LOCO” Choreography Is Difficult And Painful To Do—Here’s Why They Don’t Mind

“What are we breaking this time?”

ITZY recently made a successful comeback with their first full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE and its title track “LOCO.” To discuss the album’s creation process, behind-the-scenes stories, personal opinions, and more, the group’s members participated in an interview with NME.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

During the interview, the members were asked how they felt about their intense choreography. Besides their music, ITZY is known for their difficult choreography! From a lot of floor work to intense group work, ITZY has proven they can slay any move their choreographer asks for. The interviewer even mentioned how fans often say how ITZY members “Break a body part for every comeback.

When asked, “What are we breaking this time?Yeji answered that, for their title track “LOCO,” they use their fingers a lot. Ryujin then added that along with their fingers, they also use their wrist a lot.

The interviewer then shared, “I hope the choreography is not too tiresome for you guys” and then asked if they are okay. Lia hilariously admitted, “I would say we’re not okay but it’s okay.”

After some laughter, Lia clarified that the intensity of the choreography is all worth it since the result is amazing!

Because it has come out as a good result and it does look amazing like I can’t lie. It’s definitely tiring and it hurts. You break your wrist and everything, but in the end, because of that, it looks great.

— Lia

Check out the interview below: