ITZY Reveals The Best Advice Park Jin Young Gave To Them About Variety Shows

The golden rule to variety shows!

ITZY guest appeared on Idol Room for the first time since they debuted earlier this year in February. As it’s their first time meeting Jung Hyung Don and Defconn at their natural habitat, they were a bit shocked by their humorous self compliment that they’ve helped create a variety show identity for nearly all of JYP artists!


Chaeryeong and Yeji revealed that JYP’s very own Park Jin Young gave them golden advice about variety shows – and that is to just be 100% real and not worry about being funny!

He always tells us, ‘Don’t try to be funny. Only speak the truth.

— Chaeryeong and Yeji


Ever the witty host, Defconn claimed ITZY should “go appear on the news if [they] want to only be truthful.” Instead, he gave them another advice that “it’s okay to exaggerate a little bit.


And low and behold, the girls literally brightened up the whole episode with their witty and playful personalities! To make their first Idol Room appearance even better, the girls also danced a bunch of cover dances to create an unforgettable experience for their MIDZY fans!


Here’s to more and more variety show appearances by the truthful-yet-witty ITZY!

Source: Newsen