ITZY’s Yeji And aespa’s Karina Once Again Go Viral For Their Adorable Friendship

Two pretty best friends.

ITZY‘s Yeji and aespa‘s Karina are two talented idols who always captivate fans with their charisma and talent.

ITZY’s Yeji | KBS Kpop/YouTube 
aespa’s Karina | M2/YouTube 

So understandably, fans were ecstatic when Karina first confirmed that the two were good friends in December 2021, showing off a series of stunning photos.

Yeji and Karina

Fans are excited for any interaction between the two friends, like when they went viral for their interactions behind the scenes of the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (also referred to as MAMA).

Since aespa are currently promoting their comeback, Girls

And ITZY are promoting CHECKMATE

Fans were excited that the two adorable friends got to interact again in front of cameras at MBC‘s Music Core as Yeji filled in for Stray KidsLee Know as one of the MCs.

Since the two are so close, fans were entertained that Yeji and Karina addressed each other formally.

And are hopeful that maybe being reminded of the two idols’ closeness might put an end to any fanwars.

Fans also definitely want another set of selfies of the two stunning friends.

Hopefully fans will see many more interactions between the two in the future.

ITZY’s Yeji And Aespa’s Karina Go Viral For Their Adorable Friendship