Aespa’s Karina Officially Introduces Her Friendship With ITZY’s Yeji To Fans

The visual power.

The girls of aespa and ITZY have been known to be friends. They started off as fans of each other but soon evolved to become close friends! As they’re both young and pretty, many fans went crazy over their friendship. In fact, ITZY once treated the aespa girls to a refreshing drink of watermelon juice in the summer. With the fans egging their friendship on, Karina took things a step further and officially introduced her friendship with Yeji after the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

She sent the news to fans through Dear U. Bubble.

  • Karina: “Don’t be surprised.”
  • Karina: “Let me officially introduce you.”

She proceeded to send a set of photos that blew everyone out of the water with the visuals.

Angels in white.

They truly look amazing.

As they both have sharp, cat-like faces, many were waiting for the two to collaborate.

While a collaboration might not be in sight just yet…

…fans can take comfort in the fact that the two are already getting along well! Perhaps a combined year-end stage soon?

Source: theqoo