ITZY’s Ryujin Gets Caught In An Adorable “Lie” About Sharing Juice…With aespa Members

There is so much to unpack here!

Interactions between different idol groups are oftentimes loved due to the rareness of it all, but also because usually, there are adorable moments that happen. To the excitement of ITZY and aespa fans, it seems that the two powerhouse girl groups recently interacted with one another at this year’s Dream Concert and it’s been slowly revealing itself. It was during ITZY’s Ryujin live session with her fans and her suspicious” story that snowballed the entire situation.

An ITZY fan asked Ryujin, “you gave the members of aespa a drink yesterday, how did that happen!?” It was to this very question that Ryujin explained the behind-the-scenes story.

We ordered juice, but we had some leftover. So…there was so much leftover and they just happened to be next to us so we gave it to them.

— ITZY’s Ryujin

However, Ryujin was called out on her “lie” by the Twitter fan who uploaded the live session clip. The reason? While the Ryujin claimed that they only gave the aespa members “leftovers,” it seems that the kindhearted ITZY members actually purchased the juice for their hoobaes!

The aespa members uploaded the “proof” onto their official Twitter account, thanking their ITZY sunbaenims for buying them watermelon juice!

| @aespa_official/Twitter

Thank you ITZY sunbaenim~!! We are so glad we were finally able to meet today at the ‘Dream Concert!!’ Thank you so much for buying us juice 🥰

— @aespa_official/Twitter

The girls of aespa also uploaded photo evidence of themselves posing with the very watermelon juices ITZY bought for them!

| @aespa_official/Twitter

ITZY and aespa fans quickly gathered more adorably incriminating “evidence” against Ryujin as they shared numerous adorable interactions left by the two girl groups. Both ITZY members and aespa members gushed about one another on Bubble, which is an app that allows fans to interact with their favorite artists.

First up, we have ITZY’s Yeji fangirling about her interactions with aespa at Dream Concert.

ITZY on “Bubble” | Bubble

Today we were able to greet the members of aespa!!
It was really nice, but I was unable to be more brave so we were only able to interact briefly.
Regardless, it was really nice.

— ITZY’s Yeji on Bubble

Next, we have Karina from aespa also gushing about her interaction with ITZY.

aespa on “Bubble” | Bubble

Today’s TMI?
We were able to briefly chat….! with ITZY’s Yeji sunbaenim!

— aespa’s Karina on Bubble

Ningning from aespa shared an adorable selfie with the very watermelon juice that was gifted to her by the ITZY members.

aespa on “Bubble” | Bubble

ITZY sunbaenim💕💕 We were finally able to meet~~ You’re all so pretty~~ We received watermelon juice haha (bragging 🥰) Thank you❤️❤️ ❤️

— aespa’s Ningning on Bubble

Chaeryeong from ITZY explained how the real watermelon juice interaction really went down and let’s just say, it was adorable from start to finish.

ITZY on “Bubble” | Bubble

Hahaha to be honest, I went to give the aespa members watermelon juice not too long ago…I basically ran away from them…when we were inside our dressing room, I was jumping and telling my members that I would deliver it to them…but when the time came…as they came closer to me, I couldn’t even make eye contact with them…so I ran out from their dressing room after giving it to them…

But the dressing rooms were tents…so I heard them say ‘thank you’…our dressing rooms were next to each other today haha they’re so pretty hahahaha

— ITZY’s Chaeryeong on Bubble

Last, but not least, we have Karina explaining the watermelon juice situation to their fans from aespa’s perspective.

aespa on “Bubble” | Bubble

Right, right Chaeryeong sunbaenim hopped in with watermelon juice for us and it was so cute…I think she was shy because she had her head down and didn’t lift it once and then she left…! She is the “top of the head” fairy.

— aespa’s Karina on Bubble

ITZY at “Dream Concert.”
aespa at “Dream Concert.”

We are fully obsessed with ITZY and aespa’s fangirl moments with one another! Can we please keep this queen energy going??

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