ITZY Confirmed To Make A Full Group Appearance On “Dogs Are Incredible”

They got some good tips for their own furry babies!

ITZY are getting fans hyped as they prepare to make a full group appearance on the hit animal-loving show, Dogs Are Incredible! News reports claim that all five members finished filming for their episode as guest “dog trainees”.

The members took part in meeting the dog of the day and helping its owner work out the pet’s problems.

Considering how the show is led by the renown dog trainer, Kang Hyung Wook, the members also took the time to get some pointers for their own pets.

Ryujin has two cats, named Star and Moon, Yeji has a cute pup named Hongsam, Chaeryeong‘s family has two dogs named Chaeri and Chaeso, and Yuna has a beautiful cat named Sarang!

| @arvinhaseyo/Twitter

Meanwhile, ITZY are gearing up for their upcoming new album and anticipated-hit, “NOT SHY”, dropping on the 17th.

Source: Star News