ITZY Cements Their Status As True BLINKs With Their Reaction To BLACKPINK Songs

We need ITZY x BLACKPINK interactions now!

Although some people like to frame the world of K-Pop as cutthroat, with all idols competing against each other, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, most K-Pop idols enjoy being true fans of other artists. One group that recently gained attention for sharing their love of another K-Pop artist is ITZY!

The ITZY members have their own show on Naver Now, where the members not only get to interact with fans but also showcase their true personalities.

Members of ITZY for Naver | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

During a segment from the recent episode, member Yuna seemed to showcase her love for one group in particular while looking at her playlist, and it’s none other than BLACKPINK!

Members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

During the segment, Yuna started revealing some of the tracks that she has on her personal playlist. From the very beginning, you could see her love for BLACKPINK as she added, “I really sing this song a lot.

Even Ryujin seemed to know it would be BLACKPINK-related as they started shouting suggestions, and she even imitated the iconic “BLACKPINK in your area.

| @ITZYelite/Twitter

When Chaeryeong explained that it was probably the group’s track “Forever Young,” Lia added that it had to be. She added that it was a song Yuna loved the most and shared, “This is the song you sing along to the most.

Of course, Yuna couldn’t leave netizens without her own rendition of the track and the idol didn’t disappoint.

| @ITZYelite/Twitter

It seems as if it isn’t just Yuna who is a certified BLINK. After singing along to the song, Ryujin explained, “There’s a song that Yuna sang just as much as ‘Forever Young’” as she went on to sing “How You Like That.” However, Yuna was quick to call her member out, adding, “Unnie, you’re the one who sang it the most!

| @ITZYelite/Twitter

The group then couldn’t stop fangirling over BLACKPINK songs and dancing along. Of course, as ITZY are some of the best performers, they absolutely aced the tracks and it just makes netizens want a collab even more.

| @ITZYelite/Twitter
| @ITZYelite/Twitter

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t get over the ITZY x BLACKPINK crumbs. While some were shocked the two groups hadn’t met yet, others joked that ITZY might just be the biggest BLINKs ever as they have always shown love for the group and knew all the lyrics.

It also isn’t the first time ITZY has gained attention for their admiration for BLACKPINK. Whether at the airport or during live broadcasts, the members are not afraid to showcase their BLINK status.

As always, K-Pop idols continue proving that despite the industry being tough, they are each other’s biggest supporters. Considering the influence of BLACKPINK when ITZY debuted, it isn’t surprising that the members love the group so much and see them as role models.

Check out the segment below:

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