ITZY Are Hilariously Confused Over MIDZY’s Reactions To The Iconic “Mommy” Line In “Boys Like You”

The girls are just too wholesome for the world.

In American English, the terms “mommy” and “daddy” have come to take on some not-so-innocent connotations. So when the line “But do I look like your mommy” appeared in ITZY‘s English song, “Boys Like You,” everyone collectively lost their minds.

Since ITZY are in the midst of the North American leg of their world tour, it’s no surprise that during their performances of “Boys Like You,” MIDZY have been screaming out their lungs after the “Mommy” lines. However, the girls had no idea why and finally decided to ask the audience.

I was a little bit confused that when I was doing the ‘Mommy’ part, everyone screamed just one second later.

— Ryujin

| @rosesrblackpink/Twitter

Ryujin asked MIDZY if they were screaming because of the word or because of the girls, but even after the fans responded, the answer was ambiguous.

In the end, they just decided to satisfy their curiosity by assuming MIDZY were screaming out of love for their parents. Of course, this started chaos all over again.

Ryujin: You all really like this part.

Yuna: You really like Mommy.

Thanks to this hilarious but wholesome misunderstanding, the girls then began to give shoutouts to their own parents.

Yuna: And I love my Mommy too!

Ryujin: I love my parents

Chaeryeong: Yeah, I love my parents too.

Chaeryeong took it a step further and used the term “Daddy” as well (affectionately for her own father), but that started a round of screaming that could only be stopped by her sweet message to her parents afterwards.

Mommy and Daddy. Hi Mommy and Daddy! I love you!

— Chaeryeong

We can’t help but be torn between wanting the girls to understand the connotations or keep misunderstanding since it’s such a wholesome misunderstanding in the first place. Whatever happens, “Boys Like You” will always be iconic, just like all of ITZY’s songs.