ITZY Breaks Another Record For Debut K-Pop MV With Most Views In 24 Hours

ITZY is already reigning as Queens within hours into their debut!

ITZY launched their debut music video, ‘DALLA DALLA’, just a day ago! It’s already broken the record of having the most views in 12 hours for a debut music video.


JYP Entertainment’s new girl group just proved their fast track to queen status by setting another record for the most views achieved in 24 hours by a debut K-Pop music video! The girls accumulated over 14 million views in 24 hours!

The previous record was held by IZ*ONE with 4,559,202 views in the first 24 hours but ITZY broke that within 12 hours.


They uploaded a special celebratory image with their ending pose that resemble the fitting of a crown.


And they certainly are the new Queens on the block!

ITZY's Debut