TWICE, Suzy, GOT7 And More JYP Artists Send Video Messages To ITZY

They had much to say to ITZY.

To celebrate ITZY‘s successful debut, many of their JYP family members sent them a congratulatory video message!


Suzy first started off by hoping lots of love and support for her newest family member.

“Hello, this is Suzy!

My lovely juniors, ITZY, is debuting on February 12 with their title track, ‘DALLA DALLA’! Please give lots of love and support for our newest JYP family members, ITZY!”

— Suzy 


Junho also doted on his maknae sisters and asked everyone to shower them with love.

“Hello this is 2PM’s Junho.

Thank you to everyone who came out for ITZY’s debut showcase! Please shower our lovely maknaes of JYP, ITZY, with lots of love. I sincerely hope our maknaes, who are full of various charms, will do well. Please love ‘DALLA DALLA’, and I hope ITZY only walks on flower roads from here on.

I sincerely thank you.”

— Junho


Day6 promised to continue supporting and cheering for ITZY on their debut as well as their future promotions.

“Hello, we’re Day6!

We sincerely congratulate ITZY on their debut! We hope you’ll do well in your future promotions, and Day6 will always cheer you on. Fighting!”

— Day6


GOT7 shared a behind the scenes bit of ITZY’s debut, revealing just how much they worked for this moment.

“Hello, we’re GOT7!

The moment that we and everyone have been waiting for… ITZY has debuted!! Congratulations! They worked very hard for their debut. We met them often at the practice rooms, and we could tell they practiced diligently.

GOT7 will cheer you guys on as fellow family members.

We hope you show as much as your prepared on your showcase stage. Although we won’t be able to attend, we wish you the best.

ITZY fighting!”

— GOT7


15&‘s Park Jimin sent them the sweetest message in both Korean and English!

“Hello, everyone. It’s Park Jimin!

Did you hear? ITZY debuted!! I’ll be cheering for ITZY’s music and performances, and so will you, right? ITZY, congratulations on your debut! I’ll support you as a fan! Congratulations!”

— Park Jimin


TWICE were so happy to have adorable younger sisters in their family!

“Hello, we’re TWICE!

Congratulations on your debut, ITZY! We finally have a younger sister girl group! I’m sure you were very nervous about your debut stage, but I’m sure you’ll do well! We’ll cheer them on as a part of the JYP family, so we hope the fans cheer them on too!

ITZY, fighting!”



And Wonder GirlsYubin and Hyelim gave inside details on the ITZY members’ bright and diligent personalities!

“Hello, it’s Yubin and Hyelim.

We heard that we have a new addition to our large JYP family! So we decided to send them a congratulatory video message. Our younger sisters have a lot of energy with a girl crush concept. We’re very happy they got to debut!

I’m very excited that they became a part of our family. I saw them practicing before their debut, and they work so hard, they have such bright personalities, and they exude positivity and teen-power. I’m so happy. They’re finally debuting!

We were chosen to MC their debut showcase, and we hope that we can become a source of strength and help for them. We’ll not only cheer them on at the showcase, but also in their future promotions. We hope they do well, and we hope a lot of people give them your love and interest!

Congratulations on your debut, ITZY~~ Fighting!”

— Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Hyelim


How blessed are ITZY to have so many supportive and loving family members?!

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