ITZY Share How They Initially Reacted To Their Team Name

ITZY thought ITZY was…

ITZY held a showcase for their long awaited debut with their debut single album, “IT’Z DIFFERENT”, and title track, ‘DALLA DALLA’.


During the showcase, Lia introduced what their team name meant.

“Our name ITZY means, ‘Everything you want, we have it inside of us.’ Park Jin Young was the one who named us.”

— Lia


But Chaeryeong revealed that the members weren’t immediately fond of the name.

“When I first heard it, I wondered, ‘What language is that?’ We were uncertain about it.”

— Chaeryeong


But after JYP explained what it meant, they fell in love with it!

“After learning what it meant, I thought it was a very meaningful and sensible name. So we’re all very happy with it.”

— Chaeryeong


To match the special meaning of their name, ITZY decided to go with “All in us” as their greeting, much like how TWICE greets with “One in a million“!


ITZY is a name to go down in history!

Source: Xports News, Star News and Kookmin Ilbo

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