ITZY Share How They Initially Reacted To Their Team Name

ITZY thought ITZY was…

ITZY held a showcase for their long awaited debut with their debut single album, “IT’Z DIFFERENT”, and title track, ‘DALLA DALLA’.

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During the showcase, Lia introduced what their team name meant.

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“Our name ITZY means, ‘Everything you want, we have it inside of us.’ Park Jin Young was the one who named us.”

— Lia

But Chaeryeong revealed that the members weren’t immediately fond of the name.

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“When I first heard it, I wondered, ‘What language is that?’ We were uncertain about it.”

— Chaeryeong

But after JYP explained what it meant, they fell in love with it!

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“After learning what it meant, I thought it was a very meaningful and sensible name. So we’re all very happy with it.”

— Chaeryeong

To match the special meaning of their name, ITZY decided to go with “All in us” as their greeting, much like how TWICE greets with “One in a million“!

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ITZY is a name to go down in history!

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Source: Xports News, Star News and Kookmin Ilbo
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