ITZY’s Chaeryeong Confesses She’s Been A Fan Of Apink For Nearly A Decade

Chaeryeong’s been a PANDA even waayy before her debut.

ITZY were guests on a radio show where Chaeryeong opened up about her love for a senior girl group. The host of the show was Jung Eunji of Apink, and Chaeryeong took the opportunity to personally confess that she’s been a fan of Apink for the longest time!

Chaeryeong became a fan while watching Apink News that aired back in 2011 – 9 years ago! She confessed, “I became a fan even before I debuted while watching Apink News.”

She proved she’s a true fan by remembering specific scenes from the show that were her favorite!

[All of the members] are pretty and pure. I had fun watching you all eating fruits in the training studios while pretending to be reporters.

— Chaeryeong

Chaeryeong grew up looking up to Apink but now she’s following her idols’ steps by becoming one of the hottest idols to lead the next generation of K-Pop!

Yuna pitched in about how they feel about the overwhelming love that they received from the very beginning of their careers.

Although we were the ones who did it, we can’t believe it. We’re so thankful that so many people like us.

— Yuna

It’s only a matter of time before another young artist surprises Chaeryeong to reveal that she’s been her idol even years before her debut!

Here’s hoping to more interactions between legendary groups Apink and ITZY!

Source: Herald Pop