ITZY’s Chaeryeong Reveals Why She Chose To Perform A Camila Cabello Song As Studio Choom’s “Artist Of The Month”

“I thought those words would be very powerful…”

After her impressive “figure eight” hip movements gained internet attention, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong is getting the dance recognition she deserves as Studio Choom‘s Artist of the Month for August.

“마.피.아. In the morning” | 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP/YouTube 

All Artist of the Month dancers are able to select what song they’d like to dance to for the project and Chaeryeong picked “Cry For Me” by known K-Pop fan, Camila Cabello.

TWICE and Camila Cabello (Center) | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Cry for Me” was the second single released from Camila’s Romance album and focuses on themes of not wanting to let go of love gone bad.

“Cry For Me” Live On SNL | Camila Cabello/YouTube 

Chaeryeong explains that a part of this decision came from its emotional lyrics.

I want you to cry for me, cry for me
Say you’d d-d-die for me, die for me
And if you can’t, then baby, lie for me, lie for me (huh)
‘Cause you haunt me when I’m dreamin’
And it’s time you know the feeling
So cry for me

– Camila Cabello, “Cry For Me”

Chaeryeong “thought those words would be very powerful if [she] could convey them well.” 

“Cry for Me, Die for Me, If you can’t, Just Lie.” | STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube 
She also included that the technical dance elements of the song play to her strengths such as dynamic angles

| STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube 
 and delicate dance lines.

| STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube 
Chaeryeong shared that she considers being chosen as Artist of the Month a “great honor” because “It’s an opportunity to show who I am, so I prepared it with lots of passion.”

| STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]/YouTube 
We can’t wait to see Chaeryeong’s full performance on August 14 on Studio Choom’s YouTube channel. Are you excited for Chaeryeong’s performance video? Let us know and to see her full interview check out the video below: