Here’s What ITZY’s Chaeryeong Had To Say About Meeting aespa

Chaeryeong hinted at how much their friendship is blossoming.

With ITZY and aespa being two popular groups that fans love, especially after the interaction between Ryujin and Karina, fans are wondering how close they’ve become. Fortunately, Chaeryeong gave an update that excited fans.


During a fan signing, a curious MIDZY asked Chaeryeong if she had any fun behind-the-scenes moments to share that involved running into the members of aespa.

Besides meeting them on the Music Core stage, Chaeryeong revealed that both groups were able to chat while sharing the same elevator.

Since a previous interaction between ITZY and aespa showed how adorable and awkward they were when first meeting, the fan asked if they’d grown closer since. With a smile, Chaeryeong revealed they no longer felt shy around each other by saying, “Today was okay!

Although the question prompted fans to joke that ITZY were “Not Shy”, MIDZYs and MYs were glad to hear they’re slowly getting closer.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Check out the update on ITZY and aespa’s friendship that has fans excited to see them interact even more.