ITZY’s Chaeryeong Had The Perfect Evidence To Show Just How Difficult The Choreography For “LOCO” Is

They are real fighters!

When it comes to idol groups who put everything into their music, ITZY is always on the list. Since debuting, the group has given fans their all with high-energy tracks that showcase their talent perfectly.

Members of ITZY | @ITZYOfficial/ Twitter

In particular, they have gained attention for their catchy dance moves and complicated choreography. As expected, they didn’t change that recipe for their latest track, “LOCO,” and, for many, it is one of the most powerful and intricate tracks they’ve done.

ITZY recently released some footage from their music show promotions, where they took fans backstage with them while preparing for their promotions.

During the video, Chaeryeong decided to show fans some details on her outfit, but she also revealed just how challenging the choreography for “LOCO” is on their bodies.

Since practice for “LOCO,” my trapezius muscle… it’s driving me crazy. The trapezius muscle is LOCO.

— Chaeryeong

She then went on to add just how complicated the dance is when they’re on stage, adding, “I can’t lift my arms when dancing. It’s hard from verse one.

Yet, it isn’t the first time the members have spoken about just how complicated and tricky the choreography for “LOCO” is.

In an interview with NME, the members discussed just how difficult the dance was. In particular, Lia joked that they were not okay after rehearsing the choreography, but it was okay because it looked good on the screen and made fans excited.

Once again, ITZY has proven just how professional they really are. Despite all the hardships, they always want to work their very hardest to make their fans happy and create music and concepts that are out of this world.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ITZY