ITZY Challenge The Rides At Knott’s Berry Farm, And It’s Crystal Clear Which Members Love Or Hate Thrills

From a scale of Lia to Yeji, how good are you at handling rides?

ITZY visited Knott’s Berry Farm during their time in California, and the girls had the time of their lives at the amusement park. Or, at least, Yeji did.

As soon as they entered, ITZY caught sight of a huge roller coaster that not only looped and went upside down but also dangled its riders.

| M2/YouTube

Yuna and Yeji were eager to challenge the ride, while Lia was much more hesitant. But before going on one of the biggest rides in the park, the girls started off with the swings.

A fairly simple ride, it seemed like the girls wouldn’t find the swings very thrilling at all. However, Chaeryeong and Lia were barely able to hold onto their minds.

Despite bluffing before the ride started, these two were the worst in ITZY when it came to handling amusement park rides. Their reactions were so hilarious, Yeji couldn’t help but film the ordeal.

After the ride, it seemed like Chaeryeong had forgotten all about her trauma as she quickly spotted another ride to go on. Just from a glance, it’s clear that the ride is scarier than the swings, and unlike Lia, who knew her limits well, Chaeryeong recklessly challenged the ride.

Regret only started to hit her after the safety belt clicked, and despite Yeji’s reassurance, Chaeryeong could already see her bleak future.

While Ryujin had no trouble on the swings, she, too, quickly regretted her decision to challenge this ride, and while she cried to Chaeryeong for help, Chaeryeong was in no better position. In sharp contrast to their suffering, Yeji was having a ton of fun.

After the ride was over, Lia captured all of their emotions as they returned. Besides the dizziness, the backlash was so severe Yuna forgot how to speak, and Chaeryeong looked like she had lost her soul.

After a short break, the girls split up, with Lia, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong deciding to take the rest of the day easy. Yuna and Yeji, on the other hand, went to challenge the roller coaster they first saw when they entered the park.

Despite her bravery, Yuna would prove to be no match for Yeji, especially on the GhostRider, the amusement park’s scariest ride. Against her will, Yeji will make her ride the roller coaster twice, and while MIDZYs sympathize with the maknae, we can’t help but eagerly anticipate the next episode.