ITZY’s Dance Line Earns Praise For Their Skills While Dancing “Weapon” From “Street Dance Girls Fighter”

They’re some of K-Pop’s best dancers.

ITZY is known for having one of the strongest “dance lines” in K-Pop. This was recently proven when YejiChaeryeong and Ryujin completed the “Weapon” challenge from Mnet‘s Street Dance Girls Fighter, the spin-off survival program based on the highly successful Street Woman Fighter. It follows teenage dance crews as they fight to become the best in the show.

More than just being a participant of the challenge, ITZY was the group that recorded the song “Weapon” specifically for the show. NEWNION and FLOOR were the two teams that brought the track and choreography to life.

During a live broadcast, fans got to see how ITZY themselves would have danced to their song. The three members first showed off their skills with their cover of NEWNION’s performance.

On Street Dance Girl Fighter, NEWNION and FLOOR did a challenge with our song. It’s the finals so we wanted to show our support.

— Ryujin

Their moves were powerful and precise as they danced to the intense beat of the song. Even if they lacked time to practice, they were still in synch with each other.

Fans and non-fans alike praised their dancing, saying, “The three of them have different dance styles but when they dance together, they match each other well,” “I think Chaeryeong and Yeji are the best dancers among the female idols of the fourth generation,” and “As expected, ITZY dances amazingly.”

Chaeryeong and Ryujin also shared their version of FLOOR’s challenge. Netizens couldn’t help but comment, “Ryujin is crazy, she dances so well” and “Chaeryeong is amazing. They all did great.”

This is far from the first time Chaeryeong, Yeji, and Ryujin impressed everyone with their dance skills. Besides burning it up on stage, they often do dance covers and solo performances that remind everyone of their talent.

Check out their full “Weapon” dance challenge below.