ITZY Dedicate A Special MV Entirely To MIDZY — One Packed With Meaningful Surprises For Fans

“Made by ITZY x MIDZY”

The love between ITZY and MIDZY has always been incredibly strong and while they are constantly showing their love and support for one another, recently ITZY released a special video made for and with MIDZY that truly shows just how unbreakable and special their bond is.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Back in August, ITZY revealed their idea to make a special video for their b-side track “Be In Love” with the help of MIDZY. To get fans involved, ITZY asked MIDZY to submit handwriting, drawings, photos, or videos for the video.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Now, that ITZY and MIDZY made video has become a reality! On October 5, ITZY dropped the special video “made by ITZY x MIDZY” featuring fun edits, clips of MIDZY, and plenty of gorgeous fan art created for ITZY by MIDZY too.

That, however, was just the beginning of what made this particular video special. Dedicating the whole video to MIDZY, ITZY wrote, “This special video was made by MIDZY’s love and participation. Therefore, we didn’t monetize this special video. This special video is all yours. Love ITZY.”

Furthermore, fans soon realized that when the song was played through sites like YouTube Music the video wasn’t listed as “Be In Love” by ITZY but instead as “MIDZY” by ITZY!

All those special details have deeply touched the hearts of MIDZY everywhere and fans can’t get over just how meaningful ITZY made this special release.

The love between ITZY and MIDZY truly is the greatest!

Watch the incredibly sweet and thoughtful special MV created by ITZY and MIDZY together for yourself below, but you might want to prepare yourself for some major cuteness first!