ITZY Dish On The Member Who Looks The Most Different Offstage

Fans have a completely different opinion!

ITZY voted for the member who is the most different when not performing during promotional periods—but fans had an altogether different opinion.

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Preparing for a comeback is always a difficult process. It usually involves not only plenty of hard work and training but also intense dieting. As a result, it’s no surprise that idols often look different during promotional periods from the way they do during their time off.

In a recent episode of Weekly Idol, ITZY had some interesting explanations for their choice when they were asked to pick the member who looks the most different. While there was some indecision among the members, Ryujin ended up being voted in first place.

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Yuna explained that, on one hand, Ryujin tends to gain and lose weight rather easily depending on her eating habits. Yet, she is very disciplined as she has “incredible mental strength.”

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Lia agreed, saying that she thinks Ryujin is “a sincere professional. She is able to show significant results and changes in short periods.”

But that isn’t everything that makes Ryujin the most different in and out of promotional periods. According to Lia, Ryujin personally doesn’t dress up much in real life, so the way she looks onstage is very different from her normal, day-to-day self.

When host Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk asked her to describe what Ryujin was like day-to-day, she explained that Ryujin has a distinctly vintage kind of vibe, as she prefers going natural rather than made-up.

Yeji, however, had something else to say. According to her, what makes promotional-period-Ryujin so different from her day-to-day self is the way she expresses herself onstage.

In fact, she said she’d never seen Ryujin show her dimples the way she has while promoting ITZY’s new comeback, “Sneakers.” Lia had to agree, commenting, “I haven’t seen that side of her since we were trainees.”

Yet, fans don’t think actually that Ryujin is the most different member on and offstage. According to fan votes, that place actually belongs to Yeji! The reason why is because “Onstage she is a genius. But she’s just a foodie offstage.” One who really loves chips!

For more on what ITZY had to say on this check out the full clip on the link below.

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