ITZY Dishes On How They Feel Making A Comeback The Same Time As Their Label CEO Park Jin Young

How do you like their new concept?

Girl group ITZY made their comeback on August 17 with their new album Not Shy and topped Korean music real-time charts just after its release. The official music video has hit over 16,000,000 views as of August 19 KST. In light of their comeback, ITZY revealed some more details regarding their new album.

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This is the first time you have released a title track with the theme of love. What did you guys think about this?

Yeji: Our previous album talked about ‘me’ and this time we covered the theme of love. We’re really excited about it because it’s our first time with this concept.

Lia: We tried to express a confident image through this love theme. We tried to make a song that many people could relate to.

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Chaeryoung: We were surprised that we would cover a theme like this so quickly. We all thought that the song felt like ours and were happy with the concept.

Yuna: Everything was so new because the concept and vibe was something we had never done before. We promised to work hard and show off our energy through the song.

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Did you receive any feedback from producer JYP for this comeback?

Yeji: He continued to support us even before the comeback. He told us that although our other songs were good that this song was especially good. This gave us the strength to work even harder.

Lia: We were so thankful that he complimented us a lot. His advice was for us to understand the song and performance well so that the fans and listeners can feel it too.

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How do you feel about making a comeback around the same time as JYP?

Chaeryoung: We listened to his new song and it’s really fun. Although it’s great that we are having a comeback around the same time, we can’t help but be a bit nervous too since he will be able to monitor our performance in real-time.

Yuna: I was always a bit jealous of other artists that had comebacks around the same time as JYP so I was happy that this comeback was our chance. It was interesting and really fun.

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You guys are being called the 4th generation idol group. What do you think are some characteristics of the 4th generation idol groups?

Yeji: Their confidence and bright energy!

Ryujin: Being able to express yourself honestly and being able to focus on you.

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Chaeryoung: Being able to express yourself more freely with a confident heart.

Yuna: We are grateful that people think of us like that. Most of our songs are very confident and honest and I think that’s what makes us a 4th generation group.

Take a look at their new music video below!

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