Not Shy, Not Them: ITZY Successfully Kicks Off North American Leg of Their First-Ever World Tour “CHECKMATE” In Los Angeles

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Packing the Hollywood Park YouTube Theater with excited MIDZYs, ITZY successfully kicked off the North American leg of their first-ever world tour, “CHECKMATE,” on October 26 (Los Angeles time).

YouTube Theater in Inglewood, CA | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Two months after it began back in August in Seoul, Korea, “CHECKMATE” has been one of the most anticipated K-Pop tours to land in the United States. Rewarding the 6,000 MIDZYs for their love, support, and patience, ITZY opened with an energetic performance of “In The Morning” (also known as “Mafia In The Morning”).

MIDZYs watching ITZY take the stage. | Jenny Kang/Koreaboo

It did not take too long for ITZY members to captivate the audience. Boasting their incredible moves, backed with unparalleled and unshaken live vocals, the girl group performed some of their most cherished B-side tracks, including “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Shoot!”.

Ryujin became the first member to take on the stage alone. Covering Doja Cat‘s fiesty 2020 track, “Boss Bitch,” the member 100% looked like a boss indeed—especially draped in a faux fur coat that made her look extra hot!

Then, throughout the night, all five members blessed the audience with never-seen-before solo performances. For both the group and the fans, these solo performances were deemed extra meaningful because, since their debut, ITZY has focused mainly on promoting as a group.

[Watching the solo performances], I realized we all have different styles. That’s what’s makes [us] more fun!

— Ryujin

Speaking of firsts: ITZY also threw together the first-ever stage performance of their latest English track, “Boys Like You.” Offering MIDZYs so much to see, “CHECKMATE” felt short—though it lasted closer to two and a half hours in total.

Following the main setlist, ITZY said their farewells and walked off stage, only to get the fans involved in creative “missions” to complete. Enthusiastic MIDZYs successfully cleared dancing, chanting, and screaming missions to bring ITZY back on to the stage!

| Jenny Kang/Koreaboo

The venue was filled with love and happiness as the group performed a solid encore setlist of four more songs—including the beloved song dedicated to their fans, “Trust Me (MIDZY)”

Wrapping up the passionate night, ITZY thanked MIDZYs with a special slogan that read, “Love You MIDZY—Ain’t Nobody Like You.” But if there is anything that the Los Angeles show proved, it’s that there ain’t nobody who do it like ITZY!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

ITZY will continue touring in the US, with Phoenix, Arizona being next on October 29. Having sold out all North American venues, ITZY is—as the members sing in “ICY”—on a roll and no one can stop them!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

For more information about the additional stops in the Asia leg of “CHECKMATE,” follow ITZY’s official social media.


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