ITZY Is The Voice Of Gen Z — Here’s How Their Young Age Influences Their Music

They’re Gen Z icons!

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the members of ITZY opened up about how their perspective as Gen Z artists influences their creative process.

Ryujin revealed how, as Gen Z singers, they do their best to be a positive influence for fans.

It’s an honor to be considered Gen Z singers. We try to make music about self-confidence and positivity, and be full of self-confidence. But I’m not always full of that confidence, so I always get inspired by other young artists and am so honored that our music can inspire young people.

— Ryujin

In the same way that Ryujin is influenced by other young artists, Lia also takes inspiration from others to help make their music even more relatable.

As Gen Z, we most definitely get inspired by other young artists because it naturally affects our thoughts and points of view. It’s a really good thing. It makes the music more relatable for other Gen Z’ers, when they feel the same things we do.

— Lia

On the other hand, Gen Z is all about trying new things and being creative. Yuna uses this fresh, youthful thought process when creating music.

I think being Gen Z opens up for new and unique artists to express their color. So we try to make our own music – ITZY’s music – to do the same.

— Yuna

Source: Buzzfeed