ITZY Share The Heartwarming Thing They Do When They Need A Confidence Boost

It’s super cute!

ITZY is known for their powerful, confident energy and concepts, but even they have moments where they don’t feel very confident. In moments like those, they revealed which member they go to to get that extra confidence boost!


In an interview with Nylon magazine, ITZY talked about their latest comeback with the song “In The Morning”, and also talked about other things, such as their image, favorite songs, and more!


On the topic of confidence, the members were asked,

What do you do when you’re not feeling particularly confident?

Ryujin revealed that when she’s not feeling very confident about herself, she immediately looks for Yuna, and shared that the maknae‘s infectious energy and positivity lift her mood instantly!

Find Yuna! That’s the way. She has a lot of confidence and she gives it to other people. She has really great energy and a big heart for other people, especially our members.



Lia agreed, and revealed why she would go to Yuna for comfort!

Yuna says nice things to us whenever we’re down or upset. That gives us confidence.



Yuna then shared why she believes she’s the perfect cure for low confidence!

I feel a lot better when I express my feelings. Even if I’m not sure, I try to make something positive. It makes me feel positive, like things are going to work out and be OK.


ITZY made their comeback with the album Guess Who and title track “In The Morning”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Nylon