ITZY Name What They’re Most Jealous Of About Each Other, But It Quickly Turns Into A Compliment War

Yeji couldn’t even pretend to be mean about it.

In ITZY‘s music video for “Boys Like You,” the girls had to act jealous of each other since, in the storyline, they were all dating the same boy. In reality, the girls are the closest of friends, so their attempts at glaring at each other quickly fell apart.

| ITZY/YouTube

To continue with the concept, the girls decided to name the member they were most jealous of and for what reason. Like the angels they really are, it quickly turned into a not-so-subtle compliment war.

Lia went first, and immersed in her character, she admitted that she was jealous of Yuna‘s height. Ryujin was impressed by her acting, saying Lia sounded like a manhwa character. Encouraged by the praise, Lia continued to act like a villainess, wondering how she could get “revenge” on Yuna’s height.

Chaeryeong went next, expressing her desire to have Lia’s voice. Still caught up in the act, Lia coldly replied that she’d never give it to Chaeryeong, and though Chaeryeong desperately tried to control her expression, she ended up smiling at Lia’s acting.

Yeji didn’t even try to be mean and complimented Chaeryeong straight up, expressing how envious she was of Chaeryeong’s pure charm that made it possible for Chaeryeong to perfectly suit both delicate and sporty concepts.

Yuna stated that she was jealous of how realistic Ryujin was. While a strange compliment, it makes sense when you realize that Ryujin’s straightforward honesty is one of the reasons everyone loves her.

Ryujin went last, saying she was jealous of Yeji’s individuality. With just a glance, you can tell it’s Yeji as if her whole presence is screaming her existence.

ITZY have a sweet and chaotic friendship, and while they can be savage to each other, they’re always lifting each other up and showering each other with love.


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