ITZY Fans Are Voicing Their Frustration At JYP Entertainment’s Handling Of The Upcoming World Tour

Fans worry that tickets will be almost impossible to get.

ITZY are currently preparing for their comeback for their fifth mini album, CHECKMATE.

ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

The members look elegant and classy in the promotional teasers for the album.

Yeji | @ITZYofficial/Twitter
Lia | @ITZYofficial/Twitter
Ryujin | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

And fans of the group are excited to see what dynamic concept ITZY will surprise them with for this comeback.

Chaeryeong | @ITZYofficial/Twitter
Yuna | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

But in addition to their comeback, ITZY are also about to embark on a world tour that currently includes two concerts in Seoul, South Korea, and then eight concerts in the United States.

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And while fans couldn’t be more excited about the tour…

Their enthusiasm dampened when they realized the size of the venues ITZY are slated to perform at.

Now fans are voicing their frustration at JYP Entertainment and Republic Records for the small venues. Since small venues mean that competition for tickets will be intense.

Some fans are trying to look for the positives, like how smaller venues mean closer views…

 Or that like (G)I-DLE, who are also going on a world tour, if ITZY’s tickets sell out fast enough, they may be given more tour dates or a bigger venue.

But other fans are pointing out how it feels disrespectful to the artists since their previous United States showcase, when the group were rookies, had similar-sized venues.

Some fans are also nothing that TWICE and Stray Kids, who are also under JYP Entertainment, had significantly larger venues for their recent and upcoming United States tours.

And a few fans are joking that the issue is the ITZY and TXT crumbs that fans have been waiting for since TXT fans had similar complaints directed at HYBE for the size of the group’s venues for their upcoming world tour.

Fans are hopeful that JYP Entertainment and Republic Records will find a way to rectify the situation.