ITZY’s Lia Worries Fans With Her Weak Condition During Their Special Stage For 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun

Fans have set up a hashtag for her.

ITZY recently performed a rendition of T-ARA‘s “Roly Poly” during the 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun in Daegu. While the girls received an overwhelmingly positive response for how well they pulled off the song, Lia‘s weak condition worried fans.

Netizens claimed Lia was unable to keep up with the high energy dance compared to the other members.

Her facial expressions also deeply worried fans.

While the rest of the girls showed off their charisma and bubbly personalities, netizens claimed that Lia looked like she was having a hard time on stage. With weaker movements and a strained expression, fans were worried for her health.

  • Yuna suits it so much. Power idol kkk”
  • Yeji‘s doing really good kkk”
  • “Why is Ryujin so cool…”
  • “Is Lia sick?”
  • Chaeryeong‘s dance lines are f*cking good”
  • “Did something happen to Lia? The dance is one thing but her expressions aren’t great”
  • “Chaeryeong really does well at bubbly concepts”
| theqoo

Fans have been trending #JisuBestGirl and sharing what they love about the sweet star as they worry about her health.

Catch the full performance below!

Source: theqoo