Fans Uncover Interesting Facts About ITZY Lia’s Past

She began as an SM trainee.

Fans have uncovered some new information about the past of ITZY‘s Lia and many are intrigued.

When Lia was 14 years old, she had apparently been selected from an SM audition that was held in Canada, but due to opposition from her parents, she ended up leaving SM Entertainment.


After leaving SM Entertainment, Lia attended an international school where she allegedly got such good grades that she was contemplating over attending a university in America or England.

“Are you going to go to England for college?”

“Hm…Honestly, I don’t know. I’m thinking about whether to go to America or England but I’m more concerned about what to do…I’m not good at anything. I need to think…but I really don’t know.”


In the end, she ended up entering the School of Performing Arts Seoul after becoming a JYP trainee when she was 17 years old.

“When I was in elementary school you said you were an SM trainee!! Didn’t you…? But you said your father was against it so you quit.”

“Hm…It’s a long story but when I was in Canada when I was graduating elementary school, I went to an audition for the first time and I somehow made it. After attending for a while, I quit without even signing a contract because of my parents. It was when I was young so it wasn’t a big deal.”


And two years later, she succeeded in making her debut as a member of ITZY!


Source: Pann Nate