ITZY’s Lia And Ryujin Admit They’re “Total Opposites”, Here’s When It’s Most Obvious

“All five of us are different from one another”

ITZY‘s Lia and Ryujin recently paired up for an exciting episode of 2TZY.

To open the video, they described their relationship, calling each other “total opposites” even in a group with various personalities.

All five of us are different from one another, but we’re total opposites.

— Ryujin

According to Ryujin, their personality differences are most evident in the way they eat: “It really shows when we’re both eating“.

Lia readily agreed and added that she herself didn’t notice how little she eats until she watched a clip of it. Ryujin, meanwhile, is the opposite.

Right. I saw this one clip that shows how different we are when we eat. Did you see that clip by MIDZY about how different we are? Even the background music is completely different. I didn’t realize that I was barely eating. In the clip, I seriously kept lifting and putting the food back down.

— Lia

Ryujin gave her the most likely reason for why it happens, explaining that she easily gets distracted whenever she eats.

You lift your chopsticks to eat, but if the conversation sounds interesting, you put them down and join in. You talk away and then take a bite 10 minutes later. You listen and then start talking again. You put down your chopsticks and start talking again.

— Ryujin

Catch more of Ryujin and Lia in the full video below!


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