ITZY’s Lia Just Wanted To Show Off Her Twerking Talent, But Staff Members Edited It Out

“Nobody ever twerks in JYPE!” — Lia

In a recent episode posted on their YouTube channel, ITZY pretended to be judges and contestants of Korea’s Got Talent for their English class. Each member’s talent was hilarious, but only Lia was able to make everyone on set laugh so hard that they fell to the ground!

The girls watched and reacted to their “audition” clip several months after it was filmed, and Lia was the final member to be shown. Her initial reaction was one of disbelief because she never expected it to air.

Looking back, contestant Lia had proudly described to the judges how much she loves to dance even if she’s “a shy person.

I’m a shy person, but I become someone else when I’m dancing. My passion for dance is like…wow.

— Lia

Out of the many kinds of dances in the world, however, she is most confident in her ability to twerk: “To any kind of music, I can twerk.

Switching over to the present, the girls watched with bated breath to see what would happen next, and it didn’t disappoint at all!

Hilariously, the staff members of the show completely edited out the parts where she started twerking, leaving only the kid-friendly moves she did.

The moment ITZY saw the way Lia’s twerking was edited out, they started laughing so hard that they fell to the ground! Ryujin couldn’t believe how the staff members went the extra mile to still air some parts instead of completely cutting Lia out.

Once Lia managed to catch her breath after laughing so hard, she recalled the time someone told her that JYP Entertainment artists just do not twerk on television.

I knew it! Somebody once said nobody ever twerks in JYPE!

— Lia

Here’s a closer look at the god-tier editing that took place!

Watch the entire hilarious episode below.

Source: ITZY