This Little Boy Stole ITZY’s Hearts While They Were At Knott’s Berry Farm

It’ll be a memory he’ll cherish forever.

After ITZY finished their day at Knott’s Berry Farm, the girls decided to meet at the entrance, and although they didn’t know it then, they were about to have the most adorable chance encounter ever.

| M2/YouTube

While Yuna and Yeji waited for the rest of ITZY to join them, they couldn’t resist turning the photo zone into a photo shoot. After all, there’s no better way to commemorate their trip than with photos, and ITZY’s part-time jobs are being each other’s personal photographers.

In the middle of their shoot, a little boy approached the girls out of curiosity. At first, they thought he also wanted to take a photo on the chair, but Yuna and Yeji soon realized he was more interested in the girls themselves.

Yeji helped him sit on the giant beach chair before sitting next to him while Yuna looked on with a huge smile, completely taken by the little boy’s adorable appearance. The photo shoot was now long gone from their minds.

Yuna and Yeji weren’t the only ones who adored the little boy on sight; as soon as RyujinLia, and Chaeryeong came, they quickly squatted down to make eye contact with the boy.

ITZY’s smiles were brighter than the sun, and it’s all thanks to this cute kid.

His shy smile completely melted ITZY’s hearts when Yuna played around with him, and it’s clear to everyone that if ITZY had their way, they would give him anything his heart desired.

When it came time to say goodbye, he didn’t forget to blow the girls a kiss before shyly running away.

Seriously, this was the most adorable goodbye ever, and Lia didn’t forget to reciprocate.

Unsurprisingly, the girls completely melted at the goodbye kiss. There’s no better way to end the day than with a cuteness overload, and the girls left the park in high spirits.