ITZY’s Latest Livestream Sparks Outcry — JYP Entertainment Under Fire

ITZY deserves better.

JYP Entertainment is facing increased scrutiny over ITZY’s latest livestream.


Recently, the members of ITZY held a livestream to commemorate the end of their “Cake” promotions.

The livestream, however, almost immediately began to face technical difficulties. Throughout the event, the stream suffered from low frame rates, which caused the video to be blurry.

At certain points of the livestream, the video is so blurry that members are unrecognizable.

ITZY | @itzy/YouTube

Netizens expressed their disappointment with JYP Entertainment, as many fans had looked forward to spending time with ITZY. Fans criticized the label, with many stating that a livestream conducted over a cellphone would have produced better results.

  • “Isn’t JYP a major label? LOL.”
  • “Change your internet provider.”
  • “You should have joined weverse.”
  • “But this is a little harsh.”
  • “My idol’s YouTube livestream is nothing like this. What is the issue? Are these technical issues?”
  • “This video is so bad that you can’t even recognize them.”
  • “What is this? Do they expect us to watch?”
  • “Ah, what was the issue?”
  • “This is what it looked like when early second-generations would livestream.”
  • “It’s 2023, but it looks like 2003…”

What are your thoughts? Watch the full livestream in the link below.

Source: theqoo