ITZY Makes Their Long-Awaited Debut With “DALLA DALLA”

ITZY makes their debut!

Bringing back a blast from the past and releasing their debut music video at midnight KST, ITZY has officially marked their debut with their first single “DALLA DALLA”. While their recognized debut date will be February 12, 2019 with the release of their first album, the group is starting things early with the release of their music video.


Prior to the release of their music video, one of their teasers for their debut showcased how the group plans to be different and be themselves, no matter what other people think of them.

ITZY Speaks Up For Their Meaningful Debut Message In New Teaser


Their music video certainly proves their message, as their lyrics show off how they don’t care about what other people think. With lyrics like “I love myself”, “I don’t care what others think”, and “I’m just the way I am”, they set out to prove their message to the world, that you are perfect the way you are.


Watch the music video below!


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