ITZY Choose The Member Who’s Best At Cooking, But The Only Thing They Can All Agree On Is Who’s The Worst

Hint: it’s the person who set fire to chocolate.

In an interview with ELLE SingaporeITZY was asked to choose who they thought was the best cook, but the answers were far from unanimous. Yeji and Lia chose Ryujin, while Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna chose themselves.

ELLE Singapore/YouTube 

MIDZYs know that Ryujin is probably the best cook and that Yuna is great at grilling meat.

However, everyone was definitely more skeptical of Chaeryeong choosing herself as the best cook. The only thing Ryujin was willing to acknowledge was that Chaeryeong was good at reheating food.

Chaeryeong argued that she was good at making seaweed soup and kimchi fried rice, but Yeji said she couldn’t comment on Chaeryeong’s food since she had yet to try it.

Still, the members showered Chaeryeong with compliments on how well she peeled fruit, so it goes to show that Chaeryeong does spend time in the kitchen, just not often, and her best dishes don’t require fire.

But if there’s one member worse than her, it’s Yeji. The girls didn’t even bother commenting about Yeji’s cooking, speaking instead about how wonderful her mom’s cooking was. Even Yeji agreed with them, knowing the limits of her capability well.

Yeji tries her best to cook, but things never go as planned for her, so it’s safer for everyone, including herself, if she stays out of the kitchen. That being said, the chaos that occurs when she tries to cook is hilarious, and this chocolate VLIVE will forever be iconic.


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