ITZY’s New Music Video Is 200% Visually Pleasing With All Kinds Of Fashion Happening


ITZY just dropped its “ICY” music video and it is – contrary to the title – on fire. The song is a bop and the choreography is on fleek…


… but ITZY’s fans are most pleasantly surprised by the amount of pure heavenly visuals happening in the music video!


From crop tops to neon jackets, ITZY girls are rocking the latest trends in their icy chill vibe filled music video.


Blessing the streets of Los Angeles, the members each boast their fashion styles and upgraded visuals!


Each ITZY member got to pull off different concepts, from cutie to sexy…


… and even sporty or elegant! They looked amazing in everything and anything that were styled for them.


All of the outfits complement ITZY’s beautiful visuals and super toned summer-goal bodies – and the stylish mix-and-match fashion is definitely catching the viewers’ eyes.


And this girl from the music video very accurately portrayed how we feel – “Uh, wowee.”


Watch the full music video here: