ITZY’s On-Stage Versus Off-Stage Selves Are Vastly Different: What Do The Members Prefer?

Some members are total opposites!

ITZY recently met up with Spotify K-Pop ON! Track where they detailed everything from their favorite songs to their favorite snacks while on tour. In line with the title of the program, they were also asked to name the different things they do to “feel more ‘on.'”

What Makes Them Feel “On”

First up, it was Chaeryeong and Yuna who had the quickest responses. They noted that performing in front of their fans is what makes them feel most alive.

It reminds me of being up on stage. When you’re on stage, you can really feel the difference between being ‘on’ and ‘off.’

— Yuna

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Even before they begin singing, getting dressed in outfits made for a live stage or schedule puts them right in their K-Pop idol mode.

When we’re in our stage outfits [we feel ‘on’].

— Yuna

What It’s Like Being “On” Versus “Off”

Yuna pointed out that there’s a clear difference between their on-stage personas and off-stage selves. In her perspective, she feels more of everything when working.

When I’m ‘on’ I kinda feel like I’m more alive. You know what I mean, right?

— Yuna

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For her, being ‘on’ means being more active and energetic.

I just feel like I have more energy, you know?

— Yuna

Lia, conversely, related the moment she feels most herself with the time at night when she can finally unwind. Unlike Yuna, she is most at ease when she can relax.

I have a shower, and then I turn on the [AC] in my room. Then I lie down and connect my Bluetooth speaker. And then I turn on that song by Jeremy Zucker at night. Then I fall asleep listening to that song.

— Lia

What ITZY Prefers

It was no surprise that Yuna loves her K-Pop idol self more, mentioning that her hyper side comes out in full force when she’s in front of the camera. This was in stark contrast to Lia who told her, “I feel like I’m the opposite.”

When I’m off, I’m very chilled but when I’m on, I’m full of energy.

— Yuna

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Leader Yeji was more in agreement with the maknae. In particular, she likes how she looks fully dolled up prior to a schedule.

When I’m ‘off,’ I don’t apply this much makeup. I’m not saying that I don’t look good without makeup. But I’m just saying that I prefer the way I look with makeup.

— Yeji

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One thing is clear: Whether “on” or “off,” MIDZYs love ITZY members in all of their modes!

Watch the full interview below.

Source: Spotify K-Pop ON! Track