ITZY Represents G-SHOCK As Global Brand Ambassador For Casio

It suits their powerful presence.

Casio announced ITZY as the newest global ambassador for G-SHOCK.


Casio welcomed ITZY on their website with a photo of them and words reading “unstoppable me.”


They also displayed a variety of watch models that ITZY members have worn.

The G-SHOCK was launched in 1983, and ever since then, the watch has been recognized for its incomparable shock resistance. The unique “sporty” design has become an icon, and throughout the years, Casio has been coming out with more and more versions of G-SHOCK watches, making it a versatile watch for everyone.

Chaeryeong and Yuna (left) and Ryujin and Yeji (right) | G-SHOCK

Because of ITZY’s tough image and powerful presence, Casio decided ITZY would be a great match with their G-SHOCK vision. In addition to a short introduction video, Casio released more content with ITZY and G-SHOCK’s collaboration, such as YouTube shorts for each member and a promotional video for their collection Metal Covered.

Join us and witness the unstoppable G-SHOCK and ITZY’s new look.

— Lia speaking on behalf of ITZY

ITZY members | CASIO G-SHOCK/YouTube

Watch the promotional video here.

Source: G-Shock